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Best Places to Visit in December

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5 Bali Resorts for Every Kind of Traveler

Have you seen that photograph of former President Obama, wearing shades, sipping a coconut and looking cool as a cucumber? That shot was taken during O’s summer vacation in Bali, and if he can go to the Island of Gods to chillax, so can you. With a year-round tropical climate, scenic beaches, emerald rice paddies and holistic spa treatments, Bali kind of makes it impossible not to relax—no matter what kind of traveler you are. We’ve broken down some of the top resort options by their overall vibe. All you have to do is choose your spot and crack open a coconut.

November 2, 2017 - Arushi Mehra
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Thanksgiving Feasts and Where To Find Them

Thanksgiving with the family agaaaaain? Are you really looking forward to dry, stringy turkey (great job, Mom), drunken political arguments (really, Uncle Bob??) and interminable football games (sorry in advance, Giants fans)? Maybe this is the year to get away from the extended family… by just getting away. Here are a few alternate destinations for Turkey Day: three traditional feasts in the good ol’ USA and three food-centric spots abroad if you want to get your expatriate on.

P.S. If you actually love spending time with your family—we do!—why not take them with you?

November 1, 2017 - Sarah Marcantonio
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Want to Help the Caribbean? Book a Vacation!

As Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbean continue recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we are hearing from a lot of clients who want to know how they can help. Here’s how easy it is:

Step 1 : Donate to the USVI Hurricane Recovery effort, for which Skylark is helping raise funds in conjunction with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. 

Step 2 : Plan your next trip to the Caribbean. Most of the islands in the region were either untouched by the storms or able to come back quickly. But since they rely heavily on tourism, the best way to help is to book a trip, spend some money and tell everyone else how beautiful and relaxing a Caribbean vacation still is.  

Here are just a few of our favorite Caribbean resorts that are ready to go for peak season:

October 25, 2017 - Sarah Marcantonio
Skylark Travels

Just Back From: The City of Light

Jessica Ware is Skylark’s head of marketing and partnerships and our managing editor, but we know her around the office as the official hat rack (we’re a start-up—we all wear many hats.) We allowed her a quick trip to Paris, and after coming out of her butter and carb-induced coma, she’s ready to give her report.

October 19, 2017 - Jes Ware
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Best Ways to Escape the City This Weekend

Fall means change—in the weather, the leaves, the wardrobe. So how about a change of scenery? Here are a few quick and easy getaways from various cities that are perfect for a weekend escape. Because sometimes the most potent change you can make is the air you’re breathing.  

October 19, 2017 - Sarah Marcantonio
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The World's Spookiest Hotels

Yes, there are scarier things you can encounter in a hotel room than Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe. We’re talking about encounters of the paranormal kind—ghosts and ghouls who haunt hotels, spooking guests and staff with strange sounds, unexplained movements, and macabre apparitions. It’s not just Bates Motel–type places that are beset by these undead spirits—some of these ghosts happen to have great taste in hotels. Hauntings have been reported at all of the luxurious digs listed below—all unproven legends, of course. But if you’re concerned, book with Skylark so we can upgrade you to an exorcised room. We’ll even throw in a smudge stick to be safe.

October 12, 2017 - Staff
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Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has one of the most dynamic hotel scenes in Europe, with a slew of new boutique properties—reflecting the city’s obsession with design—joining a host of luxury entries, many of them recently revamped. What they all share: great locations (Amsterdam is compact and blissfully walkable); attentive and friendly service; and that ineffable Dutch charm. So what’s the difference? Here’s our guide to the top choices.

October 4, 2017 - Staff

The Right Way to Do Napa

Is there any other place in America that celebrates The Good Life like the Napa Valley? Extraordinary wines, impeccably prepared food, hotels that epitomize laid-back luxury, and spas that help you recover from all of the above. Those are also the reasons why Napa can sometimes feel excessively crowded, overly commercial and punishingly expensive. How to avoid those pitfalls? Here's the advice we give Skylark clients who are headed to California for a wine-country weekend. Cheers!

October 4, 2017 - Peter J. Frank
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How The Hurricanes Changed The Winter Vacation Map

Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and Florida, and many of the top resorts in the region remain closed (see our updated list for the latest status). One indirect result is that other sun-and-sand destinations are busier than ever, as travelers whose plans were thwarted by the storm are now looking to book elsewhere.

That’s especially true for the weeks around Christmas and New Year’s, always the most popular time of year to visit the tropics. If you haven’t made plans for a holiday trip, NOW is the time to do it! Our list of places that remain unaffected by the hurricanes is below, along with information on availability for the “Festive” season.

September 27, 2017 - Staff