Christmas in May? Yup. Why you should book now.

We know: It seems crazy to even think about the holiday season in May, never mind plan it. But hear us out. Hotels fill up way faster than you think. In fact, most are booked solid by July. So while your family gathers for Memorial Day weekend, start talking about where you want to go in December. Read below for some places that have availability and still-reasonable rates—plus our pointers on how to book smart.

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How to See U2 in Europe This Summer

Apparently, poor Bono and the boys still haven’t found what they’re looking for—even 30 years after releasing The Joshua Tree. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, crawl out from under that rock and get yourself tickets to see U2’s Joshua Tree 2017 Tour, which will have the band performing the classic album in 26 cities across North America and, starting in July, Europe. We’ve had several clients ask us to help plan a European vacation around the concerts, so here’s a little guide to doing it yourself. Go ahead, reach out and touch the flame.

(Tickets? Well, we got ours a while ago, but if you’re looking for a miracle, reach out to one of our agents and we’ll see what we can do.)


3 Places Where the Wild Things Really Are

Hey Animal Lover! Instead of spending your spare time scanning Instagram for videos of yodeling huskies or adorable baby sloths, why not plan a real wildlife encounter? You don’t have to go to Africa, either: Here are three favorite (an unexpected) wild kingdoms where you can get up close and personal with some magnificent creatures.


Shhh! Europe's got a secret season

Okay, shoulder season in Europe isn't exactly a secret, but most travelers ignore the lower-cost period between high season hordes and low season doldrums—to their detriment. Want to see the Acropolis without crowds? Visit the South of France in full bloom? Ski in a t-shirt in the Swiss Alps? We've got your back.


The Great Winter Debate

When some bemoan the slushy streets, others bounce down them on the balls of their feet. Frozen toes mean just one thing to this crowd—the powder days are coming. We've said it before, but this season's snowfall is record-breaking—and spring is coming, so get it while you can. Here are our favorite places to stay on the slopes—and where to head if the snow makes you shudder.


Spring Ahead

The period between the end of winter and when it really feels like spring isn't the most beloved. Sure, buds appear on spartan tree branches and shoveling ceases, but clouds hang low and there's a perma-drizzle. What to do? Skip the gloom and get a preview of the coming warmth. Here are three of our favorite sunny picks.