9 Hotels for Picture-Perfect Memories

The summer may be over, but don't let that ruin your 'gram game. Check out our favorite insta-worthy beauties that have endless photo-ops and are perfect for stunning stories ... because if you don't post your vacation on Instagram, did you even go? 


Just Back From: UNICO 20°87° Riviera Maya, Mexico

Skylark’s all-star Marketing Associate Arushi Mehra recently visited the upscale, on-trend, all-inclusive UNICO 20°87° Riviera Maya. After an indulgent long weekend, she's back in NYC with a dewy golden tan and TONS of insider info on the hottest hotel in the Yucatán Peninsula.

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Best Places to Visit in May

Spring has sprung! The weather's finally warming up, which means our hibernation period has come to an end. May's the perfect time to soak up some pre-summer sun in the Bahamas, sip a sparkling glass of rosé on Lake Como, wander around the twisting cobblestone streets of Lisbon or help yourself to another New England lobster roll (we won't judge, promise). 


Just Back From: COMO Parrot Cay

Skylark's lead travel advisor Marley Gibbons recently visited Turks and Caicos—home to powder white beaches, water that's a hundred shades of blue and the best island punch around. After soaking up the sunshine, indulging in signature spa treatments, tasting some of the finest seafood and returning to Skylark with an envious tan—she's ready to share her island secrets!                          


Best Places to Visit in April

A far-flung spring adventure, a glitzy Meditteranean jaunt and a sun-soaked, sea-side couples getaway—below are a few destinations to inspire your April travels. 


Best Places to Visit in March

The Ides of March are on the horizon. Now, we're not all that worried about whatever luck they may or may not bring. We're more interested in fleeing the impending March Gloom. Below are five destinations that we're looking forward to running off to: abundant sunshine, #spring2018 Instagram ops and most importantly, no rowdy Spring Breakers. 

Take your pick and leave the rest to us—it's time to spring forward and start your next adventure.


Just Back From Sri Lanka

Skylark's Marketing and Editorial Associate, Arushi Mehra recently visited the picture-perfect town of Tangalle in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. After a week of indulging in mouth-watering curries, sailing through lotus-filled lagoons, Instagramming dancing peacocks and visiting a 200-year old temple—the newest addition to our team is ready to report back on this Southeast Asian gem! 


The Best Places to Eat in Israel

From the rich history of Jerusalem’s Old City to the coral reefs of Eilat, the salty shorelines of the Dead Sea and the booming contemporary art scene and nonstop nightlife of Tel Aviv, Israel offers something for everyone. But what many people don’t know is that the real heart and soul of Israel is captured in its food. With its melting pot of influences from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and its emphasis on fresh ingredients—especially vegetables, breads and grilled meats—Israeli cuisine having a “moment” around the world. You can sample it at hotspots like Nur in New York, London’s Palomar and The Barbary, and Balagan in Paris), but I decided to spend a week tasting its delights at the source. Here are some of my favorite discoveries. 


Best Places to Visit in February

Thomas Hobbes once described the human condition as "nasty, brutish and short," but he may as well have been talking about the month of February. Winter is still howling, but the holiday glow has faded, as has your New Year's resolution resolve. (Still getting up at 5:30 every morning for SoulCycle, hmmmm??) The solution? Book a trip! The shortest month has it perks for travelers, being the sweet spot between the peak of high season and spring break. Beach lovers can head to the sun-kissed tropics, while those of us who aren't ready to give up the mulled wine and fig-laden brie can book a ski trip in a winter playground. Of course, this month also brings Valentine's Day, which means you're allowed to travel for romance without feeling corny about it. Here are a few places with the ideal February combination of good conditions and great deals. 


How to Do Peru Like a Pro

With a diverse landscape, from the ocean to the Andes to the Amazon; a burgeoning culinary scene; and Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Peru is a huge draw for many travelers. It’s ideal for outdoorsy types, history buffs, cultural explorers... and anyone with a camera.

The fascinating narrative of the Incas—who, despite existing for less than a century, achieved incredible technological advances in architecture, agriculture, even medicine—colors any visit to Peru. But it’s not all about the past: The food scene, for one thing, is a vibrant mix of global influences (South American, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese) that’s garnered accolades around the world.

That said, Peru is a complicated place, with multiple attractions spread around the country. Logistics can be thorny—not only are there the train schedules and entry times to decipher, but it’s important to order your activities carefully to avoid altitude sickness. We strongly urge you to use an experienced travel advisor to plan your journey to Peru. Here’s the basic outline of the itinerary we usually recommend for Skylark clients. If it sounds appealing, get in touch with one of our agents and we can tailor a trip to your exact needs.