Want to Help the Caribbean? Book a Vacation!

As Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbean continue recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we are hearing from a lot of clients who want to know how they can help. Here’s how easy it is:

Step 1: Donate to the USVI Hurricane Recovery effort, for which Skylark is helping raise funds in conjunction with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. 

Step 2: Plan your next trip to the Caribbean. Most of the islands in the region were either untouched by the storms or able to come back quickly. But since they rely heavily on tourism, the best way to help is to book a trip, spend some money and tell everyone else how beautiful and relaxing a Caribbean vacation still is.  

Here are just a few of our favorite Caribbean resorts that are ready to go for peak season:


Best Ways to Escape the City This Weekend

Fall means change—in the weather, the leaves, the wardrobe. So how about a change of scenery? Here are a few quick and easy getaways from various cities that are perfect for a weekend escape. Because sometimes the most potent change you can make is the air you’re breathing.  


The World's Spookiest Hotels

Yes, there are scarier things you can encounter in a hotel room than Harvey Weinstein in a bathrobe. We’re talking about encounters of the paranormal kind—ghosts and ghouls who haunt hotels, spooking guests and staff with strange sounds, unexplained movements, and macabre apparitions. It’s not just Bates Motel–type places that are beset by these undead spirits—some of these ghosts happen to have great taste in hotels. Hauntings have been reported at all of the luxurious digs listed below—all unproven legends, of course. But if you’re concerned, book with Skylark so we can upgrade you to an exorcised room. We’ll even throw in a smudge stick to be safe.


9 Art Shows Not to Miss This Fall

Fall: The time of year when we remember that “culture” can mean more than swatting bugs at an outdoor concert or sitting through yet another superhero reboot (although: Wonder Woman? Not bad!). Yes, autumn means art, and our calendars are already filling up with exhibitions, gallery shows and opportunities to glimpse rarely seen masterpieces. Here are a few of the highlights we’re looking forward to in six cultural capitals (and our recommendations of where to stay for each). 


The Best Places to See The Northern Lights

Were the Northern Lights jealous of the solar eclipse? After all the hoopla generated by this summer’s celestial syzygy, the aurora borealis made a rare appearance in the contiguous United States earlier this month, showing its stuff in places like New York’s Catskill Mountains, rural Illinois, even as far south as Arkansas. The cause was an abnormally large solar flare, which may not happen again for many years. 

Missed it? Fear not—we’ve selected the best places to see the lights around the world (although, as with all natural wonders, aurora sightings are never guaranteed). 


The Best Places to Go in Europe in Fall

Here’s a little secret: The best time of year to travel to Europe is...right now! September (and even early October) still has beautiful weather, but crowds are fewer and prices generally lower. And now that the tourists have gone home from the major destinations, the locals come back out to enjoy festivals, harvests and cultural events. Here are six places to consider a trip this fall:


The World's Best Film Festivals

Red carpets unfurl, beautiful people appear and lights flash. Film festivals aren’t just celebrity parades and previews for the next big hit, they’re celebrations of culture and beautifully crafted storytelling—and well, they’re also awesome opportunities to hop on a flight and spend time in a new city. But, plan ahead—hotels are booked solid by film studios and celebrity personal assistants far in advance—and you don’t want to get there when the credits are rolling. Here are Skylark’s picks for where to stay for the world’s top film festivals.


Fall Foliage Trips That Won't Bore You

Pumpkin-spice lattes. College football. Fall foliage trips—ahh autumn's overrated glories. But hold on there. Before you start grumbling about backed-up Berkshire lanes and overpriced, doily and crumbly scone-stuffed Vermont B&B’s, we've got news: There are plenty of other places to see the kaleidoscopic colors of fall—and those places just happen to have activities beyond peeping at leaves. Here are a few of our favorite autumn alternatives.


World’s Best National Parks

Do you dream of vast mountain ranges and verdant forests? Of spotting the mottled wing of a rare migratory bird? In other words, do you dream of national parks? Here are a few spots around the world where the wild things are. And thanks to luxury lodges placed just moments away, roughing it is not a requirement.


Dive In: Skylark's Favorite Pools

A hotel pool is never a bad thing, but not all hotel pools are created equal. We’ve selected six favorites whose setting, view or design—or sometimes all three—are a splash above the rest. See our collection to start planning your next dip.