Thanksgiving Feasts and Where To Find Them

Thanksgiving with the family agaaaaain? Are you really looking forward to dry, stringy turkey (great job, Mom), drunken political arguments (really, Uncle Bob??) and interminable football games (sorry in advance, Giants fans)? Maybe this is the year to get away from the extended family… by just getting away. Here are a few alternate destinations for Turkey Day: three traditional feasts in the good ol’ USA and three food-centric spots abroad if you want to get your expatriate on.

P.S. If you actually love spending time with your family—we do!—why not take them with you?


The Right Way to Do Napa

Is there any other place in America that celebrates The Good Life like the Napa Valley? Extraordinary wines, impeccably prepared food, hotels that epitomize laid-back luxury, and spas that help you recover from all of the above. Those are also the reasons why Napa can sometimes feel excessively crowded, overly commercial and punishingly expensive. How to avoid those pitfalls? Here's the advice we give Skylark clients who are headed to California for a wine-country weekend. Cheers!


Just Back From Napa Valley

Skylark’s Editorial Director Peter J. Frank recently returned from a long weekend at the new Las Alcobas Hotel in Napa Valley. The property, an offshoot of a hotel in Mexico, is a member of the Luxury Collection. Here is his report:


The Grapes Are Greener on the Other Side

Ever since Stag’s Leap snagged 1st place from Montrose in the scandalous 1976 Paris wine-tasting conference, Napa Valley has been the go-to for American oenophiles. Now we love Napa, but sometimes there’s a craving for a different terroir. So, here are some of our favorite vineyards, complete with exquisite grapes, stunning views and, of course, superlative-worthy hotels.


How To Do Portugal Right

We keep seeing more and more interest from clients about visiting Portugal, and it’s easy to see the reason why. Make that reasons, plural: It’s one of Europe’s most easy-going and affordable destinations. Lisbon’s old-world charm is intact but there’s also an exciting contemporary design scene. The food is fantastic (exceptional seafood, succulent, Alentejo pork, sweet custard tarts called pasteis de nata) and the wine even better. Abundant sunshine warms Portugal’s many beaches—Lisbon has more sunny days per year than Athens.

So how to do it right? Here’s what we usually recommend: