How to Do Peru Like a Pro

With a diverse landscape, from the ocean to the Andes to the Amazon; a burgeoning culinary scene; and Machu Picchu, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Peru is a huge draw for many travelers. It’s ideal for outdoorsy types, history buffs, cultural explorers... and anyone with a camera.

The fascinating narrative of the Incas—who, despite existing for less than a century, achieved incredible technological advances in architecture, agriculture, even medicine—colors any visit to Peru. But it’s not all about the past: The food scene, for one thing, is a vibrant mix of global influences (South American, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese) that’s garnered accolades around the world.

That said, Peru is a complicated place, with multiple attractions spread around the country. Logistics can be thorny—not only are there the train schedules and entry times to decipher, but it’s important to order your activities carefully to avoid altitude sickness. We strongly urge you to use an experienced travel advisor to plan your journey to Peru. Here’s the basic outline of the itinerary we usually recommend for Skylark clients. If it sounds appealing, get in touch with one of our agents and we can tailor a trip to your exact needs. 


World’s Best National Parks

Do you dream of vast mountain ranges and verdant forests? Of spotting the mottled wing of a rare migratory bird? In other words, do you dream of national parks? Here are a few spots around the world where the wild things are. And thanks to luxury lodges placed just moments away, roughing it is not a requirement.


Ski Resorts in Summer

The snow may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the season’s over for America’s top ski resorts. It turns out the gorgeous scenery, wide range of activities and clean mountain air are just as appealing in the summer—and come with zero threat of avalanches. Here are a few top choices. See them all in our Ski Resorts in Summer Collection.


Travel Like Obama

Have you found yourself yearning, ever since a particular day in late January, to escape from the daily chaos of life, the furious tweetstorms and breaking news alerts? You’re not the only one who wants to get away. In fact, the Obamas have been on an epic vacation spree since bidding their final farewells from the White House. Whatever your political persuasion, as world travelers the Obamas are pretty successful at creating enviable #vacationgoals. Here are a few of the places they’ve been—and how to follow along.