Plan B For the Holidays

First the bad news: If you haven’t booked a holiday trip in the tropics yet, you’re probably out of luck. Hotels in the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii filled up faster than usual this year, thanks to Mother Nature. The good news? The world is a big place, and there are plenty of other amazing destinations with room for your end-of-year celebrations. We’ve chosen four unconventional spots that have availability over Christmas and/or New Year’s. And we guarantee your January water-cooler chat will be more interesting than “I sat on a beach.”


Best Places to Visit in December

Winter is coming… and it’s time to get packing. Many people assume December is always peak season travel—and the Christmas rush certainly brings higher prices and more crowds. But early December is a travel sweet spot: rates are lower but most destinations are already steeped in the holiday spirit. Here are a few of our favorite spots to send clients in December—paired with impressive deals at top luxury hotels. 


Want to Help the Caribbean? Book a Vacation!

As Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbean continue recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we are hearing from a lot of clients who want to know how they can help. Here’s how easy it is:

Step 1: Donate to the USVI Hurricane Recovery effort, for which Skylark is helping raise funds in conjunction with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands. 

Step 2: Plan your next trip to the Caribbean. Most of the islands in the region were either untouched by the storms or able to come back quickly. But since they rely heavily on tourism, the best way to help is to book a trip, spend some money and tell everyone else how beautiful and relaxing a Caribbean vacation still is.  

Here are just a few of our favorite Caribbean resorts that are ready to go for peak season:


How The Hurricanes Changed The Winter Vacation Map

Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and Florida, and many of the top resorts in the region remain closed (see our updated list for the latest status). One indirect result is that other sun-and-sand destinations are busier than ever, as travelers whose plans were thwarted by the storm are now looking to book elsewhere.

That’s especially true for the weeks around Christmas and New Year’s, always the most popular time of year to visit the tropics. If you haven’t made plans for a holiday trip, NOW is the time to do it! Our list of places that remain unaffected by the hurricanes is below, along with information on availability for the “Festive” season.


Updates From Hurricanes Irma and Maria

As Florida and the Caribbean recover from the one-two punch of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we want to keep our members up to date on the status of our many hotel partners. The list below represents the latest reports we have received, but information is subject to change. If you have questions about a specific property, please get in touch.

We will keep updating this post as news continues to come in. 


Dive In: Skylark's Favorite Pools

A hotel pool is never a bad thing, but not all hotel pools are created equal. We’ve selected six favorites whose setting, view or design—or sometimes all three—are a splash above the rest. See our collection to start planning your next dip. 


Summer's Finale: Labor Day Weekend

Didn’t summer just get started? We know, we say this every year, but suddenly the days are getting shorter, our skin is growing paler and (gasp) we’re starting to run out of rosé! Fortunately, there are still a few ways to get away for Labor Day and send off summer in style. Check out some of our favorite places to spend the last long weekend. So, carpe diem—or in this case, carpe solis


Introducing The Skylark Originals

When was the last time you were impressed by a mint on the pillow? Yeah, we can’t remember either. Not that we’re complaining: High-end hotels have been engaged in something of an amenities arms race for years, with guests ending up the winners. We’ve all come to expect—and usually receive—niceties like flat-screen TVs, crisp duvets, multiple charging ports and high-end bath products. That’s why we’ve created the Skylark Originals: a list of innovative amenities that show a spark of creativity or thoughtfulness, and special experiences that bring a destination to life in a new way. Along the way, we also discovered airlines, airports, and apps that made us feel like V-VIP’s, so we included those, too. Hats off to them and the other travel providers that are Making Amenities Great Again!


Get Out of NYC for the Weekend

Every New Yorker knows that sometimes, the best part of living in the city is getting out of the city...especially in the summer. New York, being the center of the universe and all, is a hop, skip and a jump away from a ton of easy weekend escapes. Here are some of our favorites.


Travel Like Obama

Have you found yourself yearning, ever since a particular day in late January, to escape from the daily chaos of life, the furious tweetstorms and breaking news alerts? You’re not the only one who wants to get away. In fact, the Obamas have been on an epic vacation spree since bidding their final farewells from the White House. Whatever your political persuasion, as world travelers the Obamas are pretty successful at creating enviable #vacationgoals. Here are a few of the places they’ve been—and how to follow along.