Summer in the City

At long last, going outside is once again a pleasant affair. Sunshine floods the city grid past 4PM, sundresses and sandals have emerged from their winter homes (aka the back of tiny apartment closets) and there's finally more than potatoes and the wheatgrass guy at the farmers' market. Summer in the city gets a pretty bad rap (think Do the Right Thing or 12 Angry Men) but there are way more things to do in NYC than look for the coldest AC.


Why Canada Is So Hot Right Now

On July 1st, our friendly neighbors to the north will celebrate their country’s 150th birthday—fun fact: it’s called a sesquicentennial—and a milestone this big deserves something special. So one-upping every 20-something year old, they’re going beyond a birthday weekend or even a birthday month and opting for a birthday year. That’s one good reason to plan a trip there this summer. 

Here are a couple of our favorite places to hoist a Molson.


Where To Stay in Rome

Cosmopolitan yet relaxed, Rome has world-renowned cultural attractions, to-die-for cuisine and a wealth of top-end hotels, each with its own personality. How do you choose the right one for you? We break down five of the best.


3 Places to take the kids this summer (besides the crowded pool)

When that final school bell signals the end of the year, there's no need to shudder at the thought of dragging your family on a National Lampoon-style road trip. There are better options—like these.


Just Back From Puerto Vallarta

Emily Westaby, one of Skylark's lovely travel gurus, just got back from Puerto Vallarta, one of the finest stretches of beach on Mexico's Pacific coast. Here is her report.


How to do the perfect Southern California road trip

Top down, music up—the California road trip is as quintessentially American as apple pie or baseball. Unfortunately Mother Nature is preventing us from driving the whole Pacific Coast Highway at the moment—need to say why. But a jaunt along the southern coast still lets you live the California dream. 


The Eternal City

Rome is one of our favorite cities, but the high “touristy” quotient can make it tricky to navigate. Luckily, Skylark’s lead travel advisor Marley Gibbons shared her intelligence from a recent scouting trip. 


Rome’s ancient roots make it fascinating and beautiful, wherever you look. But it’s also surprisingly accessible—I felt like I knew my way around after just three days. And Romans are very friendly, clearly loving their city as much as I did. 


How to Double Your Vacation

What would macaroni be without cheese? Beavis without Butthead? Some things not only naturally go together, they make each other better. The same is true for traveling. Like Bogey and Bacall, there are destinations that bring out one another’s nuances and make the whole experience so much richer. Here are a couple of our favorite places and their better(ing) halves.


Skylark's Adventure in Iceland

Welcome to the first in our series of Skylark Journeys, where we showcase a spectacular itinerary we recently put together for a Skylark member. First up: a trip to Iceland for a woman in her 30s, who wanted a solo adventure to see the Northern Lights before they go dim.


Christmas in May? Yup. Why you should book now.

We know: It seems crazy to even think about the holiday season in May, never mind plan it. But hear us out. Hotels fill up way faster than you think. In fact, most are booked solid by July. So while your family gathers for Memorial Day weekend, start talking about where you want to go in December. Read below for some places that have availability and still-reasonable rates—plus our pointers on how to book smart.

To check real-time availability and pricing, visit our 6 Places You Should Book For the Holidays Now Collection