Time for a Digital Detox?

Feeling a little too attached to your iPhone—as in, you’re one app away from plugging directly into the Matrix? Or have you been watching so much television that the Netflix logo is burned permanently into your retinas? Maybe it’s time to put down the remote and go remote. Here are our favorite, no-phones-at-the-table hideaways. 


The Best Places to Slurp Down Some Oysters

“The time has come,” the Walrus said to the Carpenter in Lewis Carroll’s famous rhyme, as they prepared to dig into a small fleet of innocent, unsuspecting oysters. But to us, it’s never not a good time to feast on a platter of freshly shucked marine morsels, especially when we’re on or near the shore. So, just in time for National Oyster Day, August 5, here are some of our favorite spots to slurp.


Up to 65% Off at Le Sirenuse in August!

Arguably the most beautiful and glamorous of all the resorts on the Amalfi Coast, Le Sirenuse is usually fully booked for the entire summer. But we’ve uncovered some last-minute availability in last August that, combined with our deeply discounted insider airfare, adds up to once-in-a-lifetime savings at a bucket-list hotel. 

For example, you can fly from New York in Alitalia business class on Friday, August 18, spend four nights in a junior suite, and return on Wednesday, August 23, for just under $13,000 for two people. Not a cheap date, but the same trip normally costs about $30,000. That flight connects in Rome, with the quick hop to Naples in economy; if you’d rather fly non-stop, you can take Meridiana in coach for the same price. 

You can plug in your own home airport to find similar deals. For instance, we’re seeing that same fare from San Francisco on Air France in business.

Le Sirenuse only has limited rooms available for the dates August 19-23, but if you want to extend your trip at another hotel, whether in Amalfi or beyond, get in touch with one of our agents and we'll help you out.

Soon enough, you’ll be raising an Aperol Spritz to toast your own good fortune—and travel savvy.


Why Go: Greece in the Fall

There’s a sweet spot between summer’s dusty crowds and the boarded up off-season. It’s called autumn—and for the savvy traveler, it means a visit to Greece is smiled upon by the Gods: lower rates, lower temperatures and less crowded sites. 


The Grapes Are Greener on the Other Side

Ever since Stag’s Leap snagged 1st place from Montrose in the scandalous 1976 Paris wine-tasting conference, Napa Valley has been the go-to for American oenophiles. Now we love Napa, but sometimes there’s a craving for a different terroir. So, here are some of our favorite vineyards, complete with exquisite grapes, stunning views and, of course, superlative-worthy hotels.


Pied-a-terres with Pets

One could be considered loony, lonely or even loco if they booked a hotel based its resident pet. But—puppies. Need I say more? So, without further ado, here’s a list of hotels that come with the best amenity ever: loveable pets. 


What’s New in the Côte d’Azur

The Côte d'Azur: some think of the ritzy casinos, some think of the mega-yachts, some think of the you've-got-to-be-kidding-me real estate prices and some think of it as a place stuck in its 1950s heyday. Well, it's all of these—save the last one. Here are our top picks of the hot new players in the French Riviera.


Arches and Amans: Luxury Hotels in the Heart of History

For those of you like myself, sometimes a coconut with a straw just doesn’t quite cut it. History always has and always will be the central part of many of my vacations, and, where possible, I like to be as close as possible to the—albeit long-dead—action. Whether it’s a hotel taking over a 12th-Century chapel or one that offers special access to a UNESCO World Heritage site, I present to you my personal list of favorite historical hangouts—all of them providing modern-day comforts as well as direct connections to the past. See them all in our Historical Hideaways collection.


Nashville's New Vibe

Have you been to Nashville recently? Thanks to a population spurt, a thriving indie music scene and an influx of creative restaurants and coffee shops, it may be the coolest city in America right now. Here are the latest tunes from Music City.


Get Out of NYC for the Weekend

Every New Yorker knows that sometimes, the best part of living in the city is getting out of the city...especially in the summer. New York, being the center of the universe and all, is a hop, skip and a jump away from a ton of easy weekend escapes. Here are some of our favorites.