Why Canada Is So Hot Right Now

On July 1st, our friendly neighbors to the north will celebrate their country’s 150th birthday—fun fact: it’s called a sesquicentennial—and a milestone this big deserves something special. So one-upping every 20-something year old, they’re going beyond a birthday weekend or even a birthday month and opting for a birthday year. That’s one good reason to plan a trip there this summer. 

Here are a couple of our favorite places to hoist a Molson.


3 Places Where the Wild Things Really Are

Hey Animal Lover! Instead of spending your spare time scanning Instagram for videos of yodeling huskies or adorable baby sloths, why not plan a real wildlife encounter? You don’t have to go to Africa, either: Here are three favorite (an unexpected) wild kingdoms where you can get up close and personal with some magnificent creatures.


Adventures in Ireland

Ireland is more than four-leaf clovers, potatoes and pipes calling out to Danny Boy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a trip to the Emerald Isle.