Just Back From Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an essential destination for the faithful or anyone fascinated by history—ancient or recent. But, as Skylark’s editorial director Peter J. Frank discovered on a recent visit, its appeal is modern and multifaceted. Here are his recommendations—beyond the Western Wall.


Why Go: Greece in the Fall

There’s a sweet spot between summer’s dusty crowds and the boarded up off-season. It’s called autumn—and for the savvy traveler, it means a visit to Greece is smiled upon by the Gods: lower rates, lower temperatures and less crowded sites. 


Arches and Amans: Luxury Hotels in the Heart of History

For those of you like myself, sometimes a coconut with a straw just doesn’t quite cut it. History always has and always will be the central part of many of my vacations, and, where possible, I like to be as close as possible to the—albeit long-dead—action. Whether it’s a hotel taking over a 12th-Century chapel or one that offers special access to a UNESCO World Heritage site, I present to you my personal list of favorite historical hangouts—all of them providing modern-day comforts as well as direct connections to the past. See them all in our Historical Hideaways collection.


Nashville's New Vibe

Have you been to Nashville recently? Thanks to a population spurt, a thriving indie music scene and an influx of creative restaurants and coffee shops, it may be the coolest city in America right now. Here are the latest tunes from Music City.


How to Do Croatia

Deserted white beaches, charming Mediterranean architecture, cuisine and wine to rival Italy’s—but with fewer crowds and lower prices. Croatia’s appeals are many, and recently we’re seeing a lot of interest from our clients. (It might also have to do with some little show called Game of Thrones that’s filmed there). 

But with its attractions spread along a rugged coastline and countless islands, it can be a tricky vacation to plan. We usually recommend exploring the country in a luxury chartered gulet—a traditional wooden sailing yacht—but those need to be reserved well in advance and can be pricey. Here’s an alternative that takes in the highlights and also gets you off the beaten path. 


Cartagena In A Nutshell

Are all of your friends coming home from vacation humming Shakira and swiveling their hips a little more than usual? They’re probably just back from Cartagena. The Colombian coastal city makes for an easy and enchanting weekend getaway—especially when you hop a non-stop from New York, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Here are five reasons you should go.


Summer in the City

At long last, going outside is once again a pleasant affair. Sunshine floods the city grid past 4PM, sundresses and sandals have emerged from their winter homes (aka the back of tiny apartment closets) and there's finally more than potatoes and the wheatgrass guy at the farmers' market. Summer in the city gets a pretty bad rap (think Do the Right Thing or 12 Angry Men) but there are way more things to do in NYC than look for the coldest AC.


Why Canada Is So Hot Right Now

On July 1st, our friendly neighbors to the north will celebrate their country’s 150th birthday—fun fact: it’s called a sesquicentennial—and a milestone this big deserves something special. So one-upping every 20-something year old, they’re going beyond a birthday weekend or even a birthday month and opting for a birthday year. That’s one good reason to plan a trip there this summer. 

Here are a couple of our favorite places to hoist a Molson.


The Eternal City

Rome is one of our favorite cities, but the high “touristy” quotient can make it tricky to navigate. Luckily, Skylark’s lead travel advisor Marley Gibbons shared her intelligence from a recent scouting trip. 


Rome’s ancient roots make it fascinating and beautiful, wherever you look. But it’s also surprisingly accessible—I felt like I knew my way around after just three days. And Romans are very friendly, clearly loving their city as much as I did. 


How to See U2 in Europe This Summer

Apparently, poor Bono and the boys still haven’t found what they’re looking for—even 30 years after releasing The Joshua Tree. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, crawl out from under that rock and get yourself tickets to see U2’s Joshua Tree 2017 Tour, which will have the band performing the classic album in 26 cities across North America and, starting in July, Europe. We’ve had several clients ask us to help plan a European vacation around the concerts, so here’s a little guide to doing it yourself. Go ahead, reach out and touch the flame.

(Tickets? Well, we got ours a while ago, but if you’re looking for a miracle, reach out to one of our agents and we’ll see what we can do.)